South Leg of King

Posted on Mar 11, 2012 under

This is a unique commercial stretch destined for a major overhaul during the coming years.   The South Leg of King Street East runs from James Street to Hughson Street and represents a key component of The Gore District.

A series of positive events are working together to revitalize the South Leg of King.

The public bus terminal that once dominated the area has been relocated to nearby MacNab Street.  This has created opportunities for new and higher uses.

Recommendations, outlined in the City’s Gore Master Plan, call for an outdoor pedestrian mall that connects the South Leg of King to the greenery of Gore Park and provides a public space ideal for patio cafes and other gathering places.  This concept will be tested through a pilot project scheduled for the summer of 2012.

Public investments in this area have set the stage for the private sector.  Wilson-Blanchard Management – which operates Hughson Business Space Corporation and Office Mortgage Investments Inc. – owns a set of key properties along the South Leg of King, backing south through to Main Street.  The company believes the time is right to roll out an integrated, block-wide renewal project that includes a mix of commercial, residential and retail components.

This is a large project of regional significance backed by a major real estate firm with the requisite resources and experience.  It’s a story of finding the right balance between new structures and the restoration of historic buildings.

What’s possible?  What’s economically feasible?  What will the marketplace support?  What is the will of the community?