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Location: 121 St. Joseph’s Drive, near St. Joseph’s Hospital
Owner: Molinaro Group
Site Purchase Price: $200,000
Construction Costs: TBD
Completion: 2013 (estimated)

This 11 storey, 70 unit condo development signals Molinaro Group’s return to the Hamilton residential market.  Ovation – which will replace a smaller low rise apartment building demolished in 2007 – is situated in a quiet enclave adjacent to downtown Hamilton and within steps of the historic Durand neighbourhood.  The project represents a relatively modest undertaking for Molinaro Group, one of Ontario’s premier developers with more than 10,000 residential units and over one million square feet of commercial development sold to date.

From the perspective of Renew Hamilton, the Ovation project is significant for three key reasons: It will help kick start further renewal in the Corktown community, it represents a test case to help determine Hamilton’s readiness for larger scale condo developments, and it offers an opportunity to compare and contrast Hamilton with other communities known to Molinaro Group (e.g., Burlington, Toronto, etc.).

Sample 2012 milestone moments that will be featured in the Ovation video case study include:

  • Discussions with the Molinaro leadership team regarding Hamilton’s long-term development trajectory
  • Opening of an onsite sales centre
  • Key meetings with project teams (design, marketing, etc.)
  • Hamilton-focused sales presentations in Toronto market
  • Molinaro’s long-term vision for waterfront development in Hamilton

Discoveries arising from these and other activities will also be used to shape the Renew Hamilton education and training curriculum.

Artist’s Rendering of Ovation Condominium in Downtown Hamilton Molinaro Group Leadership Team