City Vote Keeps Auchmar Public

Posted on Jul 2, 2016 In Latest Updates

Hamilton City Council, on June 22, 2016, voted to keep the entire Auchmar Estate – buildings and grounds – in the public ownership of the City of Hamilton.

This decision aligns with the wishes of Friends of Auchmar (CLICK HERE to learn more).

Below is the motion passed by City Council.

Auchmar Estate Operations Plan (PED12193(a)

(a) That the Auchmar Estate Operations Plan, attached as Appendix “A” to Report PED12193(a), be received;

(b) That Tourism and Culture Division staff be directed to continue with stabilization work obligated under the terms of the Heritage Conservation Easement administered by the Ontario Heritage Trust and to maintain the heritage resource in a stable condition with annual Capital Block funding;

(c) That the Auchmar Estate and grounds remain in Public Ownership of the City of Hamilton;

(d) That City staff in the Real Estate Section and the Planning & Economic Development Department be authorized and directed to explore a long-term lease or operating and management agreement, which is to include that capital repairs and maintenance be the financial responsibility of the lessee or the manager/operator, with any interested non-for-profit private parties; such as the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry XIIIth Regiment Auchmar Trust or other not-for-profit organizations, and report back to the General Issues Committee on the progress toward that end in six months;

(e) That any long-term lease or operating and management agreement and use provide for reasonable public access to the buildings and grounds;

(f) That any proposed use aligns with the provisions in the Heritage Conservation Easement and that the Ontario Heritage Trust be consulted on this alignment for agreement; and,

(g) That, in the event no lessee or management and operations interest, can be secured after a period of one year, Planning & Economic Development Department staff be directed to report to the General Issues Committee with a work plan for the adaptive reuse of the Auchmar Estate.