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Posted on Mar 20, 2012 In Business Opportunities Education & Training Latest Updates

I just participated in something very significant – an Executive Roundtable hosted by Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals Hamilton (YEP).  This group operates as a division of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and is helping to attract, retain and develop Hamilton’s next generation of wealth creators.

I was invited by Chair Joe Accardi to talk about Hamilton’s renewal economy with a group of young and highly engaged local business people.  Joe also invited Rob Fleet, the Manager of Business Development at First National Financial LP.  First National specializes in multi-family and commercial mortgage lending and is a leader of CMHC insured mortgages for multi-family properties.

Prompted by Joe’s open-ended questions, Rob and I shared our perspectives on community renewal and a range of other related topics.  It was fun and rewarding.  Great learning, fellowship and inspiration.  Terrific value by any standard – especially when everyone had a chance to weigh in on the conversation.

For me, I reflect on the evening and feel good about the overall experience and the vibe.

It was fantastic to see a group of 20 or so young business leaders so keenly interested in shaping Hamilton’s future. These folks care about this city on a very deep level and it shows.

I was amazed by the effectiveness of the open structure – it validates the benefits of informal learning in social settings.  Last night, for example, we met at Mulberry St. Cafe on James Street North.

And I felt good about the Chamber as it grows in its capacity to help establish, grow and support its allied organizations.

Similar to YEP Hamilton, The Renew Hamilton Project operates under the auspices of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.  And together we’re embracing a shared aspiration – to promote jobs and prosperity through advancing smart green infrastructure.  This includes smart transportation, buildings and energy solutions.

As Chamber-affiliated organizations, I think it’s important that we all move in the same direction.  Tonight showed our commitment to a common vision.

Richard Allen

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  1. Jaccardi says:

    Thanks for the great words and participating Richard! Our events are only as good as the executives who come out. I’m thrilled to see all of us paddling in the same direction. See for some takeaways from the evening.

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