Where Cool Came From

Posted on Oct 26, 2014 In Business Opportunities Education & Training Latest Updates

Dave LeBlanc – host of Where Cool Came From (pictured here on the 22nd floor of the Stelco Tower) – was in town yesterday with his crew to find out what’s drawing people and investment to Hamilton.

Where Cool Came From is a web series written and story edited by Leah Cameron and created by Stornoway Productions that’s discovering and documenting the origins and durability of iconic products, personalities, cultural trends, and … cool cities.

The series is keen to compare and contrast the renewal stories of several North American cities, including Detroit, Los Angeles and Hamilton.

A cast of locals is helping LeBlanc decode The Hammer, including Keanin Loomis from the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and Richard Allen from The Renew Hamilton Project.

Said Allen: “The world’s watching Hamilton’s reemergence as the Ambitious City – that’s cool in itself.”

A special thanks to Leah Cameron for reaching out to Renew Hamilton and leading this engagement – it’s appreciated!

Stay tuned to Where Cool Came From for the release of the Hamilton story.