Culture Plan Loves Renewal

Posted on May 14, 2013 In Latest Updates Speakers Series

Don Jaffray, executive director, Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton (pictured above), was among a team of volunteer facilitators who led roundtable discussions at last night’s community workshop devoted to enhancing Hamilton’s cultural plan.

Jaffray’s roundtable explored the topic of heritage preservation and restoration as a key element of a comprehensive cultural plan that includes eight transformational goals linked to a set of recommendations and actions.

The plan has been built on extensive community input gathered systematically over a number of years.

From the perspective of The Renew Hamilton Project, the decision to position culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development (along with the environment, economy and society) is a significant step forward for our community.  Moveover, the plan calls for several priority actions that align with the goals of Renew Hamilton, including:

Leverage culture as a tool in downtown and community rejuvenation
Celebrate and preserve Hamilton’s cultural assets

Anna Bradford, culture director for the City of Hamilton, told the workshop participants that the cultural plan is scheduled to be presented to the General Issues Committee of Hamilton City Council on Wednesday October 16, 2013.  She encouraged everyone to show their support by attending this important meeting.

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