Team Members

Keanin Loomis, President and CEO, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

Rita Hopkins, Director, Business Development, Entro | G+A Communications

Bill Humber, Professor, Seneca College, Director, Eco Initiatives

Dr. Gail Krantzberg, Director, Centre for Engineering and Public Policy, McMaster University

Glen Norton, Manager, Urban Renewal, City of Hamilton

Paul Shaker, Executive Director, Centre for Community Study

Richard W. Allen, Director, The Renew Hamilton Project, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

Richard Allen is an award winning social entrepreneur specializing in the development of sustainable communities.  He is the founder and director of The Renew Hamilton Project, an initiative of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce focused on creating jobs and prosperity through the regeneration of Hamilton’s built and natural environments.

Richard leads a multidisciplinary team with expertise in community planning, engineering, business and communications to revitalize and promote Hamilton’s urban core.  Prior to this role, Richard was the managing director of the Hamilton Economic Summit, our city’s premier leadership initiative devoted to advancing Hamilton as Canada’s top midsize city measured by talent and investment.  Richard also served as the executive director of the Industry-Education Council of Hamilton where he spearheaded myriad programs designed to enhance our city’s human capital through collaboration among business, education and the community.

Richard writes extensively on the topic of city building and economic development, and is active on various community organizations and boards, including the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.  He is a graduate of Queen’s University, holds a Masters in Education, and is the recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award.